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Fender Mustang I Amplifier (Guitar Lesson Review GG-602)


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This Fender Mustang I amplifier review vid will show you each of the preset sounds, I just jam around a bit on each one. Of all the beginners amps I've tried so far this one is by far the most fun and inspiring to play about with... what you are seeing here is just a slice of the 3 hours I was jamming around with it!! It's not going to compete tonally with my main amps but at less than 100 bucks I think it's fantastic.

Big THANK YOU to for loaning me the amp for the review.

Shiteburgers... I just noticed the audio is out of phase. What a joke, a review about the sound and the audio is out, and it seems I can't replace it so going to have to re-upload this as soon as I can figure out how to re-edit the audio. Fek :(

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