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  1. Surveys are one of the easiest ways to get info on a population. Sometimes it is
  2. really difficult to conduct the survey, but surveys are often a lot easier than
  3. doing, say, a controlled experiment. They're also relatively inexpensive. They
  4. mostly just require time to implement, and for the respondents to write their
  5. answers. Surveys can also be conducted remotely. You might have gotten a survey
  6. in the mail at one point. And finally, this is my favorite thing about surveys.
  7. Anyone can access and analyze survey results if the survey owner is willing to
  8. give out that data. But assuming they are, the survey results are timeless. The
  9. National Center for Education Statistics created this Education Longitudinal
  10. Study and thanks to them, I was able to look at factors that influence effort
  11. including how much students enjoy school, or how much students value school, or
  12. their relationship with their teachers, their gender, and a bunch of other
  13. things. it was really fun and interesting to analyze this data. Looking at
  14. someone else's survey results can be a lot easier than conducting your own
  15. survey.