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  1. In this unit, we talked about electric field line.
  2. And we described electric field lines as a way of visualizing the forces caused by an electric field.
  3. If for example I had a particle right here,
  4. this line would indicate that the force of electric field would push it this way
  5. if it had a positive charge and this way if it had a negative charge.
  6. And for this problem I've drawn three separate field diagrams.
  7. Each of which are corresponding to the same configuration of charges.
  8. We have one particle with the charge of +5q, another particle with the charge of just +q,
  9. and finally a particle with the charge of -10q.
  10. Out of these three electric field diagrams, only one of them has the lines drawn correctly.
  11. Can you tell me which one of these is drawn correctly? Check your answer down here.