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  1. (Applause)
  2. Thank you Cass, for having me here today.
  3. The excitement at CES is always invigorating
  4. as all eyes are on the industry's
  5. best, most innovative
    and most promising new products.
  6. PlayStation is no stranger to the profound impact of a breakthrough product
  7. and how it can cause people to rethink what is possible.
  8. As many of you are aware,
  9. we recently introduced a little product called PlayStation 4
  10. to some great fanfare around the world.
  11. It quickly became the largest console launched ever,
  12. selling over 2.1 million units in just two weeks.
  13. And today I'm delighted to announce
  14. that the cumulative sell through has
    now passed 4.2 million units as of December 28th.
  15. [Applause]
  16. Thank you.
  17. [Applause]
  18. The PS4 embodies the type of technological advancement
  19. people have come to expect from PlayStation for the past twenty years.
  20. While I'm extremely proud of the incredible sophistication of the PS4 hardware,
  21. that is the physical and tangible aspects of the most powerful system we've ever created.
  22. I'm equally proud of what you can't touch and feel.
  23. I'm of course talking about the network
    that sits at the core of PS4
  24. and all PlayStation platforms.
  25. The network delivers virtually
    unlimited opportunities for our customers
  26. and represents the future of our industry.
  27. Sony's network vision is to deliver
    rich entertainment experiences
  28. that empower you to
    discover, connect and engage with your favourite content
  29. on virtually any device when, and how you want.
  30. If you own a Playstation system today,
    the network enables you to easily connect with friends,
  31. to unlock the full potential of games,
  32. and it gives you access to an incredible library of titles.
  33. In fact, Playstation's library of titles is
    one of the most expensive in the world,
  34. filled with memorable experiences
    that have kept gamers entertained for years.
  35. As we build the new network,
  36. we asked ourselves what if
    we could unlock Playstation's library of games
  37. so that they're instantly available on Playstation devices
    as well as non-Playstation devices.
  38. We've been steadfast in our commitment
    to make this a reality,
  39. and have made incredible advancements towards integrating
  40. Gaikai's advanced cloud based technology
    into our network.
  41. The result is nothing short of amazing
  42. and marks the beginning of a new era of streamed gaming
  43. that eliminates traditional barriers
    without compromising the quality of gameplay.
  44. I'm pleased to announce the new streaming game service - PlayStation Now
  45. This service will, in the longterm,
    provide existing PlayStation gamers
  46. with instant access to the games they love,
    from previous generations
  47. from the original PlayStation,
    PS2 and PS3.
  48. Equally important,
    the service will also introduce the world of PlayStation
  49. to even non-console owners,
    via smartphones, televisions and other devices.
  50. Soon, playing your favourite PS3 game on a tablet
    will be a reality.
  51. And actually you can try PlayStation Now, on Sony Bravia TVs and Playstation Vita systems
  52. in the Sony booth this week at CES.
  53. For the first time ever
  54. [Applause]
  55. For the first time ever,
    you can play blockbuster PS3 titles
  56. including PlayStation Game of the Year
    - The Last of Us, and beyond
  57. on a Bravia or PS Vita exclusively at the show.
  58. Streaming the rich High-Definition gameplay experience,
  59. delivered by the Last of Us,
  60. with low latency is a remarkable achievement
  61. and it demonstrates how we are paving the way
  62. for gamers to play whenever and wherever.
  63. We've heard that earlier on.
  64. We are also going to offer gamers choice
  65. when it comes to how they want to access content
  66. on Playstation Now.
  67. So they'll be able to rent by title
    for specific games they're interested in
  68. and we'll also offer a subscription model
  69. that delivers additional value,
    and allows people to explore a range of titles
  70. that they might otherwise not have experienced.
  71. I'm pleased to confirm that we will begin a closed beta in the US at the end of January
  72. with an expected full rollout this summer.