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  1. In general, when we want to compute the slope of a line, we look at two points.
  2. We can label these points P1 and P2. We use a subscript to indicate which point
  3. it is. Now, these points could have any coordinates. So it'd be really
  4. unspecific or general in mathematical speak. We're just going to say that this
  5. point has some x coordinate and some y coordinate. We'll label the point x sub 1
  6. and y sub 1. The 1 is a subscript and it tells us which point we're on.
  7. Likewise, I could label this point x sub 2, y sub 2. We know slope is the ratio
  8. of the rise divided by the run. So this distance would just be the rise. If I
  9. wanted to find the rise between these two points, I would want to look at the y
  10. values. I would want to know how these y values changed. For example, if this y
  11. value was 5 and this y value was 3, I would just subtract them to figure out the
  12. rise. It'd be 2. We can see that the vertical distance or the rise is just the
  13. difference between the two y values, y2 minus y1. Knowing this information about
  14. the rise, which of the following do you think could represent the run? Is it the
  15. sum of the x coordinates, the difference of the x coordinates or the difference
  16. of the y coordinates?