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  1. Here we are at our nautilus tank.
  2. This is one of the newest systems
    that we've started
  3. in the last couple months.
  4. There are 13 animals in here
    and these guys are pretty special.
  5. Not that many aquariums have them.
  6. A lot of people aren't too sure
    about where these guys fit in.
  7. Some people think it's a snail,
    some people think it's a shrimp,
  8. but it's actually most closely related
    to octopus and squid.
  9. So they are a cephalopod
  10. and they are the only shelled cephalopod.
  11. They differ in a couple ways
    from squid and octopus,
  12. not only the shell,
    but they have many more tentacles
  13. and as you can see on this guy,
    they can retract them back in.
  14. They have a very small pinhole eye,
  15. as opposed to octopus and squid
    that have very good eyesight.
  16. These guys mainly rely
    on their sense of smell for hunting.
  17. Also, these guys have much longer
    lifespans than squid or octopus
  18. that only live one to five years.
  19. These guys can live
    potentially up to 20 years.
  20. (sound of aquarium water pump)