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  1. So now that we know that we have four
  2. mobile constraints, that we can't violate when we're building
  3. and designing mobile applications our users are going to have
  4. a really bad time. Let's deep dive into these four.
  5. >> Yeah, we'll talk about what happens when you actually do get
  6. them wrong, and what the implications are to your user in your app.
  7. >> So let's get started with a quiz.
  8. >> So we have an application here on the screen. And as you can
  9. see a user is using this media player application to actually play a video.
  10. So you can see a couple of things, it's on a three g network. The power is about
  11. half, it's 3:20 pm I guess, the application is in
  12. landscape mode. And they've played about halfway through the video. We can also
  13. see that the app has defaulted to 1080p resolution to
  14. play this video. So there is a ux fail happening
  15. here. I want you to think about which one of
  16. these elements that I've highlighted are contributing to this fail, and
  17. select it on the screen.