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  1. >> Why do I want to teach computer science?
  2. >> So why do I want to teach people about programming?
  3. >> I want to teach computer science because I think
  4. there are lots of people out there who have
  5. a great idea, and it never turns into anything,
  6. because they don't really know what the first step is.
  7. >> It's an amazing moment when the program that, that you've run
  8. now for the first time does exactly what you expected it to do.
  9. >> You are empowering people to do things
  10. otherwise they may not be able to do before.
  11. >> I think if they knew computer science, in a lot of
  12. cases, maybe they could take that first step,
  13. and maybe it would turn into something great.
  14. >> In this introductory course in computer science
  15. with Java, you will, of course, learn how to
  16. write programs in the Java programming language. At the
  17. end of this course, you will know enough Java
  18. to be able to solve fairly complex problems. But
  19. there's more to computer science than just programming. It's
  20. a whole way of thinking. And you will learn
  21. how to, to take problems, break them down into
  22. parts, compare different approaches, and find which best solves a given problem.