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  1. I studied computer science at Caltech, and then I worked at Microsoft.
  2. Then I went to Google. At Google I worked on Desktop and Gmail.
  3. I started Lively, and then after Google I started Sunfire, which is a coworking space.
  4. Then I can fell in love with Minted. Minted is a startup.
  5. We crowdsource graphic design and art from a community all over the world.
  6. Then other people can customize and purchase that.
  7. I actually started programming BASIC when I was five, but I didn't actually know what I was doing
  8. My parents bought this Radio Shack gaming device,
  9. because it was cheaper than other devices, and then there was a BASIC emulator.
  10. I would write programs. It came with a book of programs.
  11. We actually did not buy a memory cartridge, so I would retype every program
  12. every time I wanted to enter it.
  13. Then eventually I would start modifying it a little bit.
  14. Some people start later but are very addicted and spend lots of time thinking about i
  15. or playing with programs.
  16. Then if you start later but spend more time it's the same.
  17. As a woman, you understand the psychology of a very powerful consumer in the market,
  18. but who is underrepresented in the people creating products,
  19. which is a very powerful position.
  20. For example, at Minted our demographic is women,
  21. and that means that we are serving this very under-served market
  22. that has a lot of spending power.
  23. More money is spent by female consumers than by male consumers.
  24. We primarily look for people who are strong programmers,
  25. so people who like to build consumer websites and preferably who have done that before
  26. whether it's for other companies, for classroom projects, or for open source or personal project,
  27. people who have worked with object-oriented programming.
  28. We happen to use Python, and then on the front end we use JavaScript and jQuery.
  29. But anybody who has worked with either object-oriented programming
  30. or who has built consumer websites would be great.