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  1. Remember, that through protocols,
  2. views are able to ask a series
    of questions of their delegates.
  3. Protocol method invocations
    begin in the view, and
  4. call upon a control object,
    which is often a view controller.
  5. Table views are considerably more
    complicated than text fields, in fact,
  6. tables use not one, but two protocols.
  7. One of those protocols has 33 methods,
    and the other has 11.
  8. Tables are a cornerstone of UIKit and
    they're very customizable.
  9. That's the huge method count.
  10. We're not going to go through
    all 44 methods now though.
  11. It turns out not every method in
    a delegate protocol is essential.
  12. So, we'll focus on
    the most important first.
  13. Is it true that some protocol
    methods get used more than others?
  14. Think about the UI text field delegate,
    and then answer the quiz question.
  15. Which method did we use the most
    to customize the text fields?