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  1. In order for strings to be localized,
  2. it helps to move all
    strings into strings.xml.
  3. Any string that is hard
    coded cannot be translated
  4. without modifying the compiled code.
  5. In the strings.xml file, you
  6. will want to comment thoroughly in order
    to provide the context for the string.
  7. This will result in higher
    quality translations.
  8. You may want to include information
    such as, what is this string for,
  9. when is it presented to the user,
    where is this in the layout?
  10. For example, translations are less
    flexible for a button than a text box.
  11. You can also specify strings that
    should not be translated simply with
  12. a placeholder tag.
  13. Finally, there are a variety of system
    provided formats for dates, times,
  14. numbers, and currencies.
  15. So take advantage of our
    utils such as date format for
  16. dates, decimal format and string
    format for numbers and currency, and
  17. phone number utils for phone numbers to
    simplify formatting across your locals.