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Survival Tips And Tricks: Awesome Uses For A Survival Knife


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Commentary By: Sky Nunez

There’s no mistaking the fact that in every survival kit, you will find a survival knife. Which is, according to experts and common sense, the most useful tool to have on you at all times.

So, In this video, we are gonna talk about a few awesome ways you can use a knife in any survival condition.

So give me your full undivided attention as we get into a few beneficial uses for a survival knife …


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a knife, is using it as a weapon.

It can be proven useful in self-defense, becoming instant security against vicious animals and people…Yes, we can’t rule out the fact that this could be Rosemary’s baby... Along with these types of animals and people too

The best part about survival knives is that they can be purchased and carried anywhere. There’s no need for a permit or paperwork to own one.

You can carry more than one and depending on it’s size, it can easily be hidden on you in any location you choose… As you can clearly see here.

Clearing Pathways:

As long as the knife is massive enough, thick shrubbery can be cut down into a pathway.

Big sword-like knives such as machetes prove to be more effective in situations like this.

To add a more advanced reach, find a sturdy wooden stick and tie the knife to it for more effective results.


As we said before, a knife is phenomenal for close encounter combat. However, it can also be effective for hunting and skinning animals for consumption.

If you properly secure it to the end of a pole-like stick, it makes as an efficient throwing weapon when hunting down some grub.

Keep in mind though, this is something that needs to be practiced and mastered before trying it out in the field.

Please practice safety and be extra cautious when doing so.
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