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05-30 Technology_And_Market_Insight

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  1. So an additional help in thinking about your value proposition
  2. comes from a great VC, Ann Miura-Ko, at Floodgate.
  3. Ann said, "We can think of startups' value propositions of having 2 forms."
  4. "Do they have technology insight, or are they market insights?"
  5. And typically, technology insights come for technology-driven products.
  6. Are you building chips that follow Moore's Law--
  7. that is, they're now doubling in density every year
  8. and therefore new functions can be embedded in them?
  9. Are these based on new scientific discoveries or new algorithms?
  10. Typically, this applies to hardware or clean tech and biotech,
  11. but it also could be big data algorithms, etc.
  12. Do you have some insight about technology
  13. and, again, the gains and pains that that will provide for customers?
  14. Or do you have some insight about the market or consumer behavior?
  15. Are you going to disrupt the value chain
  16. because you now understand how to do something overseas
  17. where you could slash the cost by 80%?
  18. Is there something that government regulation or deregulation is going to change
  19. and now make an entire industry available in a way it never was before?
  20. So these are about changes in how people work and live and interact
  21. and what they expect, and these are very different than technology insights.
  22. But remember they both need to solve pains and gains for your customer.