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  1. So both of these mutations are nonsense mutations meaning they
  2. both introduce stop codons. But one happens much sooner than the
  3. other one does. So it's most likely to be more
  4. severe. Think about it for a second. The earlier the mutation,
  5. the nonsense mutation that comes in the sequence, the shorter
  6. the overall protein's going to be. Which means if this nonsense
  7. mutation happens at the very end of the sequence, okay
  8. well we're not going to lose very much of our protein.
  9. But if it happens way up front, towards the beginning
  10. of the sequence, then yeah we're going to lose a lot
  11. of the proteins and it's probably going to have a major
  12. effect because we're missing far more amino acids. Again while this
  13. is a general rule, it is possible that sometimes there's
  14. not as big of a difference, because you could imagine there's
  15. certain parts of proteins that are more important than others. And
  16. so even when you delete big stretches not too much happens.
  17. Still, in general, the sooner or the earlier a stop codon happens, a nonsense
  18. mutation, the worse effect it's going to
  19. have on the function of the overall protein.