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  1. I was with someone this week that said,

  2. "Mention things like Jesus,
  3. and then mention things like Gandhi
  4. in the same conversation."
  5. Listen, those two things,
  6. they can't come together.
  7. There is no Gandhi and
    Jesus coming together
  8. unless Gandhi repents of his sins,
  9. puts his faith and hope in Jesus Christ
  10. as the all-sufficient Savior.
  11. But there is no uniting of arms
  12. and just being one big happy
  13. kumbaya family with these people.
  14. These are the people that
    Paul is warning about.
  15. These are the plausible arguments
  16. that Paul says they appeal
  17. to your human intellect.
  18. They appeal to your emotion.
  19. Doesn't it make sense
  20. that Jesus would want us all to get along
  21. and set doctrine aside?
  22. And Paul says, "No!"
  23. You can't do that.
  24. And we as a body must say no.
  25. We must recognize this
    is happening out there.
  26. That's one of my jobs is
    defend against these things
  27. by proclaiming truth
  28. so when you hear heresies come in,
  29. you identify it.
  30. You mark it.
  31. I need a church
  32. because I need help to press on
  33. when the going gets really tough.
  34. I don't have the goods.
  35. I don't have the grace in myself.
  36. I don't have the strength or the wisdom
  37. or the perspective in myself
  38. to make it through
  39. this waste howling wilderness of sin
  40. without the brethren
    strengthening me in God.
  41. And you don't either.
  42. To press on with the going gets tough.
  43. To realize and remember
  44. that Christ saved me individually
  45. to include me in His body.
  46. And they were selling their possessions -
  47. look at that!
  48. They're selling their possessions.
  49. The things that they wanted to hold on to.
  50. Well, that's been in my family
  51. for three generations.
  52. That piece of property over there.
    I can't part with that.
  53. That's how people are here.
  54. They've got to hold on to things.
  55. You know why they can sell
  56. that piece of property
  57. that's been in the family
    for three generations now?
  58. Because something's more important!
  59. This person over here,
  60. even though they may be
  61. another economic level than me
  62. and their skin color may be different,
  63. we have this in common:
  64. we have believed on the same Christ
  65. and I love them
  66. and I'm willing to sell my lands for them.
  67. The glory of Christ's Kingdom
  68. is what He's doing in the trenches
  69. in local churches
  70. where He's building your life
  71. and you sit under pastors and elders.
  72. And they teach you
  73. and they feed you
  74. and you grow.
  75. And the truth grows in you.
  76. You don't even realize it's happening.
  77. But you're in the atmosphere
  78. of where Christ pours His water.
  79. You see Christ is the
    fountain of living water.
  80. But He has a well in the earth.
  81. Guess what the well is?
  82. The well is His church.
  83. That's where He deposits His water.
  84. This is the church.
  85. It is a world of love
  86. and it goes back to the
    spring of God Himself.
  87. He overflows with love towards us.
  88. And if He so loved us,
  89. how can we not love the others?
  90. Look to Jesus.
  91. Turn away from yourself.
  92. Turn away from what
    you're believing today.
  93. Turn away from what you're trusting.
  94. Look to Jesus Christ -
  95. the dying Lamb of God.
  96. The Bible says,
  97. upon Whom God poured His wrath out
  98. for your sin and for my sin.
  99. God poured His wrath out
  100. on the Son of God,
  101. as if He hated Him because He hated us
  102. and our sins.
  103. But Jesus took that in our place.
  104. Our God took that in our place
  105. that we might be saved.
  106. Turn away from everything else.
  107. Turn to Christ.
  108. I admonish you.
  109. I beg you.
  110. I plead with you.
  111. Turn to Jesus Christ.
  112. For more information go to: