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  1. Welcome to lesson three. In the last lesson, you've built
  2. out your data model by connecting objects with relationships. Before
  3. we talk about what you're going to do in this lesson,
  4. let's follow Samantha and Andy back to the music festival.
  5. >> So this festival was tons of fun but
  6. clearly at its core, it was a big business.
  7. >> Yeah. We had to buy tickets to get in. We paid for
  8. food. We bought a couple beers. We even paid to ride the Ferris Wheel.
  9. >> And some people were even paying to do arts and crafts.
  10. >> Music festival managers aren't just making
  11. money, they have to spend it too.
  12. >> Right! They have to pay for the bands, they
  13. have to pay the salary of their employees. Pay for equipment.
  14. >> So obviously, they're keeping track of all these revenues and costs.
  15. >> And these numbers are so important that
  16. they probably want to understand them quickly and easily.
  17. >> And in Salesforce, that means
  18. visualizations like charts, reports and dashboards.