107th Knowledge Seekers Workshop March 31, 2016

107th Knowledge Seekers Workshop March 31, 2016

107th Knowledge Seekers Workshop March 31st, 2016

Main topcs: Health Unit, attracting and repelling Styrofoam, GANS packets, agriculture presentation, Pain Pen and the plasma fields.

Content Summary and Timing:

00:00:00 Peace and Promotional Video
00:06:24 Rick Crammond’s introduction
00:07:19 MK: Cleaning Fukushima, don’t use GANS internally, GANS are being tested, GANS used in nuclear reactors takes away the condition of the melt down, governments invited to come together and work on nuclear reactors
00:26:18 Video from Taiwan: Health Unit experiment, helmets, blueprints, attracting and repelling Styrofoam with a Pain Pen, Pain Pen with ginger, range and frequency of Pain Pen, Pain Pen with plasma battery
00:47:00 Slides: Different spirals
00:53:00 Future Plan on the Blueprint page
01:01:49 Picture: GANS in packets
01:04:08 Screen share: MK on GANS packets, field strength, can use with health unit, wrap packets around health cups, helmets, magnets, targeting areas on the body, breathing system
01:38:05 Screen share: Health unit blueprint
01:39:10 Pictures: Free-standing health unit and an explanation on how it works, changing both physical and emotional condition, immunization with unit and GANS, injections on children have caused problems, officials knew children have been injected with poisons
02:03:44 A comment on floating a small container of GANS in water, collecting data, using CO2 under a chair for emotional release, zinc oxide can also be used
02:09:30 Screen share: Keshe explains the elements, energy distribution, viruses and CO2
02:16:22 Q: A physical therapist shares her face book page on GANS packets, charging water with GANS. Use a glass or plastic container? Effects are different for everyone, ocean GANS are more powerful, someone comments on rock salt
02:39:09 Pictures: Agriculture presentation: Nitrogen cycle, GANS of nitrogen, why does CO2 work, aquaponics system, kale seeds, creating a field around the plants with GANS, lettuce plants, fish tank and GANS
03:34:06 Video: Pain Pen with CO2 and different GANS
03:39:55 Screen share: MK explains Pain Pen coils and the fields, spinal cord and the nerves and the challenge to heal it
03:53:53 Q: Using GANS on spinal cord?
03:59:35 Q: Keshe asks the lettuce producers if they can test the genetic structure of the lettuce, testing on hybrid seeds and the difference between hybrid and GMO seeds, suicide of farmers because they can’t afford the GMO seeds every year
04:05:00 Picture: A case history of muscular dystrophy
04:15:34 End


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