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  1. If you've ever used Google Maps, you may
    have noticed that not only can you zoom
  2. down to street level, but you can
    also see what the location looks like
  3. as if you were standing
    there looking around.
  4. This is called Street View.
  5. It's an incredible, immersive technology
  6. that allows you to explore the world
    without leaving your desk.
  7. If you think that's an exaggeration or
    over marketing,
  8. here's an example of street view
    that actually happened to me.
  9. As well as working for Google,
  10. I've authored a number of very popular
    young adult science fiction novels.
  11. Two of the locations that I
    have used in these novels
  12. are the town of Shiprock in the Navajo
    reservation in New Mexico, and
  13. the town of Kawatana just
    outside Nagasaki in Japan.
  14. I've never been to either place,
    but I've gotten fan
  15. mail from people who live in them asking
    me to say hi the next time I'm in town.
  16. I did all of my location
    research using Google Maps, and
  17. in particular Google Street View.
  18. The great news as an android developer,
  19. is that all of this imagery is
    available to you using Google's APIs.
  20. Let's take a look at a simple
    street View application
  21. that allows you to
    hike the Grand Canyon.