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  1. Again, pretty straight forward.
  2. We get the word plays, and we sort them in reverse order again
  3. so that bgigest are first, this time by word score, and then we just take the first n.
  4. By doing the subscripting like that, it works when n is too big.
  5. It works when n equals none.
  6. Now, just an aside here, as the great American philosopher, Benjamin Parker once said,
  7. "With great power comes great responsibility."
  8. We have a great power here to go through all the words in the dictionary
  9. and come up with all the best plays.
  10. Now, I could read in the official Scrabble dictionary and I could apply the board position
  11. that you saw in my game with Ken and I could come up with a bunch of good plays.
  12. But that wouldn't be fair to my friend Ken,
  13. unless we had previously agreed that it was legal and fair to do so.
  14. I'm not going to do that. I got to resist that temptation.
  15. And throughout your career as an engineer,
  16. these types of temptations or these types of possibilities are going to come up.
  17. Having strong ethics is part of learning to be a good software engineer.
  18. So now, in terms of our pacing, we've achieved milestone #2.
  19. We can stop sprinting again. We can relax. You can have a drink. We can lay down.
  20. We can congratulate ourselves or do whatever we want to do.