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  1. We've got a lot of code for the person class now. We probably want to put it in
  2. BlueJ. And make sure that we haven't made any mistakes. So for BlueJ, I'll
  3. create a new project, and I'll call it Friends. I need to make a class for the
  4. person and then put my code into the class. I'll add the instance variables.
  5. The add friend method. And let's just check that it's compiling so far. So far
  6. so good. We'll add the unfriend method. Check that it's still compiling. Now
  7. I'll go back and put in the constructor. So far so good. Now I should be able
  8. to make a person object. And I should be able to add a friend. It's hard to
  9. tell whether anything happened yet or not. Maybe we haven't finished yet.
  10. Clearly, there's still more to do.