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  1. Okay, here's an example of a decision problem that comes up in social network analysis
  2. and that's the clique problem.
  3. Remember clique is a set of nodes in a network that are all pairwise connected--
  4. everybody in the group knows everybody else in the group.
  5. We were given a graph G and a number k, let's say 4, and we're asked--is there a clique of size k in G.
  6. So remember clique is a connective set of nodes--so for example 1, 3, 4 is a three clique,
  7. but now the question is--is there a four clique in the graph.
  8. So just to make sure that you understand the idea of this problem,
  9. why don't you find the four clique--there is a four clique in this graph.
  10. Find the four clique, add the node numbers that make up the clique together,
  11. and enter the answer in the box.