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This video provides the solution to Quiz 1 of Section 3:3 (Fractal Dimension).

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  1. Probably many of you noticed the pattern here.
  2. At Dimension-1, we had two to the one (2^1), or two (2) copies.
  3. Each of them were one-half size, or one over two to the one (1/(2^1) = 1/2) of the previous level.
  4. This is when we were bisecting the line.
  5. At Dimension-2, we had four (4) or two to the two (2^2) copies at one-fourth size, or one over two squared (1/(2^2)=1/4).
  6. At Dimension-3, we had two to the three (2^3) copies of one over two to the three (1/(2^3)=1/8) size, and so on.
  7. So for Dimension-D, we would have, well, two to the D (2^D) copies of the object at the previous level, and
  8. each one of them would be of size one over two to the D (1/(2^D)), so
  9. for twenty (20), the answer would be "D" here.