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The first Humans in Space, using KF Plasma Technology! MOZHAN Pr

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Would you like to be
one of the first humans
in space using Plasma
The Keshe Foundation Space Ship Institute is
now accepting applications for the (MOZHAN)
or Man Originated Zone Habitation
And Nutrition training program, the goal
of which is to teach trainees how to create
and utilize the (MOJHAN) or Magnetically
Orientated Joint Habitation And
Nutrition systems that will be used for
life in space. Be one of the first humans in
space using Plasma Technology. The 3 month
MOZHAN training program begins in the fall of
Apply today at
Trainees will be taught every aspect of plasma
technology needed for them to go to space
and survive and will be educated in “space
ethos.” Participants are expected to bring the
knowledge forward to the peoples of their
nations, to prepare them to become peoples
of space.
One Planet.One Nation.One Race.
Matter propulsion technology — To date on earth, we use inefficient and
costly rocket propulsion technology which burns fuel to overcome the
magnetic-gravitational fields of the planet to go to space. We power our
rockets, our cars and our homes by burning matter to release energy
that we convert from one form to another in order to create motion and
usable energy. As well, to achieve objectives, rockets for example have
to carry a large, heavy payload of fuel which means that they are payload
dependent. Matter propulsion technology is very destructive, inefficient,
polluting and wasteful.
Now, let’s look at the new alternative —
Matter gravitational technology
Matter gravitational technology uses the properties of the entirety
of plasma to create motion, lift and energy without destroying the
characteristic of Matter. The system utilizes Magnetic and Gravitational
field interaction to attain positioning and motion. Nothing is burned, there
is no waste and no pollution is created. Matter gravitational technology
is efficient and is NOT destructive. Current human scientific achievement
is the result of a progressive evolution in science and technology over
thousands of years. Plasma technology is the next step in that evolution.
It is viable, and it is here today. You could be one of the first humans in
space using Plasma Technology.
Apply today for the MOZHAN Training Program at