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  1. The distance of negative 3 to 0 is just 3 units and the distance from 0 to
  2. positive 5 is 5 units. Remember, when we want the distance from 0, we want the
  3. absolute value of a number. Absolute value is always positive. If you got that
  4. right, great work. You really remember your stuff from Unit 1. If you're a
  5. little bit fuzzy, that's okay. You can always look back at content to review
  6. what you've learned. As you progress through this course, you'll often see
  7. material that we've already covered. Math tends to build upon itself and it's no
  8. different from Algebra. Be sure to go back to previous content if you're ever
  9. unsure. Reviewing can always help you out.