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  1. In some sense the trend in web pages--
  2. in the beginning it was only really technical people who could make their own webpages,
  3. and now it's getting easier and easier to just make use of sites that exist
  4. to put up a webpage of your own.
  5. Could you imagine social networking somehow going that way as well,
  6. where people can just try out and make their own little social networks just like blogs?
  7. So, people go on things like Twitter,
  8. because you have so many people you can actually mine information from.
  9. That's what people do when you search the search tags on Twitter or on Facebook
  10. or on Google+ is actually you're mining the social network.
  11. You're getting information from the network itself, not just from the webpages.
  12. Creating your own, unless there is a specific use for it--
  13. so, let's say you were doing a medical practitioners network in the U.S.A--
  14. maybe that would be useful, because then you already have a target audience,
  15. but just making a general social network will probably be harder and harder
  16. as time goes on, because the big ones will steamroll over the other ones.
  17. But it's interesting, though, with the blogs and being able to come out with your own blogs now,
  18. there are more and more tools now to integrate them into such networks.
  19. Right now when I do blog, it actually posts everything everywhere--
  20. on Twitter, on Facebook, and on Google +.
  21. And while you go to the blog, you can actually then share from all these different networks.
  22. So, the web is becoming more social.
  23. I don't think the need to create new social networks is that big
  24. unless you already have a target audience that you can actually reach.
  25. Do you have a feel for the direction these trends are taking us?
  26. What do you think the future of crunching social networks might look like?
  27. What I've learned in the last year or so is that everything is experimental.
  28. People try it out and then we see what works. Some things don't work.
  29. So, at the moment, the future is unwritten.
  30. There is going to be a lot of innovation in the next few months to a year,
  31. because there's a big battle, as you see.
  32. A lot of social networks now are starting to get tied into a lot of other products
  33. that are being put out on the Internet.