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  1. This is from an anonymous sister in the Lord.
  2. She says, "Pastor Tim,
  3. I've been raised in a Christian home,
  4. and recently over the past five years,
  5. I've experienced tremendous growth
  6. in my walk with God.
  7. I'm a true believer
  8. and strive for my life to glorify God.
  9. On the other side of things,
  10. my husband was also raised
  11. in a Christian home,
  12. but he's decided in the past year
  13. to look into Wicca, the Golden Dawn,
  14. Satanism, etc.
  15. He's leaning towards Free Masons
  16. and the Golden Dawn.
  17. I've been counseled to leave him by many.
  18. I do not feel this is what the Holy Spirit
  19. is leading me to do,
  20. but I would appreciate some biblical direction.
  21. I have three young children,
  22. four and under,
  23. and I'm doing my best daily
  24. to teach them to live for Jesus.
  25. I do struggle with this whole thing
  26. very much some days,
  27. and I just lean on the Lord
  28. and pray for wisdom in all circumstances.
  29. Thanks for any help and guidance."
  30. Well, this is a Christian sister.
  31. And I would say the same thing that I said last week,
  32. we had some sensitive issues last week.
  33. My first counsel to this sister is:
  34. you've got to be in a good church.
  35. And you've got to find some good and godly men
  36. to walk with you through these things
  37. and pray with you through these things.
  38. It's absolutely essential that people
  39. are in good churches.
  40. But, beyond that, I would say this.
  41. Do you know what the Scripture teaches?
  42. How many Christians do you have to have
  43. in a household for it to be a Christian household?
  44. One.
  45. Now, it's very interesting that the text
  46. that we would go to
  47. to support that truth
  48. immediately follows a text
  49. that actually gives this sister counsel
  50. in her area as well.
  51. Listen to this: 1 Corinthians 7:13
  52. "If any woman has a husband
  53. who is an unbeliever..."
  54. Well, that identifies this sister.
  55. "...and he consents to live with her."
  56. And that sounds like it's the case.
  57. "She should not divorce him."
  58. Now listen to this.
  59. "For the unbelieving husband
  60. is made holy because of his wife."
  61. You see what's said?
  62. The unbelieving husband,
  63. even if he's a Free Mason,
  64. even if he's involved in the Golden Dawn,
  65. is made holy by his marriage to a Christian.
  66. What does that mean?
  67. Does holy mean righteous there?
  68. The idea of holy means separate.
  69. It means that that husband
  70. is sanctified by his marriage to
  71. that Christian woman.
  72. And then it goes on to say this:
  73. "Otherwise your children would be unclean,
  74. but as it is they are holy."
  75. See, a Christian wife makes
  76. the whole house sanctified.
  77. A Christian wife makes the unbelieving husband sanctified.
  78. Makes the children sanctified.
  79. The household is declared holy,
  80. the husband is declared holy,
  81. the children are declared holy.
  82. Now what does that mean practically speaking?
  83. Well, in some way,
  84. that whole family is sanctified.
  85. And I believe it probably means this:
  86. there's a special protection there.
  87. I believe that the angels are ministering spirits.
  88. They're given to minister to God's people.
  89. If you've got God's people in that house,
  90. that house is protected by the angels of God.
  91. It definitely has the light of God's Word in it.
  92. It definitely has an individual that
  93. is receiving the blessings of the Lord.
  94. You know, when you have a Christian in a household,
  95. there's a blessing of God that falls on that household
  96. that wouldn't otherwise be there.
  97. And in that sense, that whole household is sanctified.
  98. And what does it say?
  99. The instruction to this sister is
  100. if you've got an unbelieving husband,
  101. and he's willing to stay with you,
  102. don't leave him.
  103. And it doesn't give any qualifications.
  104. It doesn't say, well, if he's in Satanism,
  105. that's an exception.
  106. There's no exceptions.
  107. If he's willing to dwell with you, dwell there.
  108. Now obviously, if situations arise
  109. where there's physical danger to the family,
  110. physical danger to the children,
  111. that would be another thing.
  112. And obviously this sister would need to be
  113. in close contact with some pastors
  114. that could guide her through the situation.
  115. The other thing I would say is this:
  116. This is a text that comes out of 1 Peter.
  117. "Wives, be subject to your own husbands."
  118. So to this sister, I would say,
  119. you know what,
  120. the Lord calls you,
  121. even though he's unbelieving,
  122. to be subject to your husband.
  123. Obviously in all the areas that aren't sin.
  124. If he asks you do to sinful things,
  125. attend any kind of meetings
  126. or get involved in any kind of occultic practices,
  127. obviously, you don't go there.
  128. But in as much as she can honor her husband,
  129. reverence her husband,
  130. be subject to her husband,
  131. she needs to be.
  132. Why?
  133. So that even if some do not obey the Word,
  134. and he's not obeying the Word,
  135. they may be won without a word
  136. by the conduct of their wives.
  137. So she needs to live in front of her husband
  138. in such a way as to win him.
  139. When he sees her respectful and pure conduct.
  140. Do not let your adorning be external,
  141. the braiding of hair, the wearing of gold,
  142. or putting on of clothing,
  143. but let your adorning be the hidden
  144. person of the heart,
  145. with the imperishable beauty
  146. of a gentle and quiet spirit
  147. which in God's sight is very precious.
  148. For this is how the holy women
  149. who hoped in God used to adorn themselves
  150. by submitting to their husbands
  151. as Sarah obeyed Abraham
  152. calling him lord.
  153. Now listen to this:
  154. And you are her children
  155. if you do good,
  156. and listen to this,
  157. and do not fear anything
  158. that is frightening.
  159. Isn't that an amazing thing
  160. that he would say that.
  161. Don't fear anything that is frightening.
  162. You know what I would say to this sister?
  163. Peter is calling her to live virtuously,
  164. to live in such a way
  165. that she is respectful,
  166. she is pure,
  167. but also not afraid.
  168. Why?
  169. It's a call to faith.
  170. Trust the Lord.
  171. Don't be frightened by
  172. any of your husband's occultic practices.
  173. Because He that's with you is stronger
  174. than he that's with your husband.
  175. And your husband's sanctified.
  176. And your home is sanctified.
  177. Trust the Lord.
  178. Don't be frightened by anything that's frightening.
  179. Don't fear anything frightening.
  180. Live trusting the Lord.
  181. Live godly before your husband.
  182. Don't involve yourself.
  183. Don't participate in his occultic practices.
  184. But the Scripture would say stay with him.
  185. Live righteously before him.
  186. And it might even be that God
  187. will allow you to win your husband.
  188. That seems to be the biblical counsel in the matter.