"Lots of Questions" Kid Date Commercial (ADVERSARIES №43)

Title: "Lots of Questions" Kid Date Commercial (ADVERSARIES №43)

★THIS WEEK: " "Lots of Questions" Kid Date Commercial" - did this really weird commercial where a guy takes his kid on a date that his kid arranged because he wanted a new mom... It's weird.

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ADVERSARIES takes on this weird Father's Day Lots of Questions commercial. Weirdly, lots of questions is father's day commercial for 2017. No commercial has ever really been particularl interesting, and this commercial 2017 isn't changing that. There were no commercial 2016 that did it either, but this commercial girl shows up in relation to a weird thing a kid does for Father's day. The commercial girl with accent isn't anywhere to be seen, but the commercial guy annoying is absolutely true. The guy in this match com commercial is terrible at handling a household so GUESS WHAT THEY HAVE HIM DO. The commercial 2015 we don't even remember, so don't even bother asking about commercial 2014. This one doesn't have a commercial song, but it's at least a little less obvious than commercial first date.

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