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  1. Hi! My name is Kunal and I'm delighted that
  2. you are considering this course. Now, before we dive in,
  3. I want to introduce myself and also share with
  4. you two reasons why I'm really excited to teach this
  5. course. First, I love teaching. Before joining Udacity, I
  6. was a sixth-grade science teacher in India. I remember really
  7. enjoying presenting new ideas to my students. That would
  8. make them question what they already knew. That experience lead
  9. me to pursue a Master's Degree from the School of
  10. Education at Stanford University. The second reason, is that I love
  11. to create things with programming. Now, in this course, we are
  12. going to use the Python programming language to create a bunch
  13. of projects. And my hope is that you would want to
  14. share these projects with your friends. Here are some of them.
  15. The first one, is project take a break. Do you know
  16. a friend who works too many hours? Hint, that person could
  17. be you. We will write a program that schedules
  18. breaks throughout the day, reminding that individual to listen to
  19. music, get up and dance to their favorite song,
  20. or just walk away from the computer every once in
  21. awhile. Another one is called project profanity editor. Imagine
  22. you get an email from your boss, requesting your help
  23. with something. You reply, I can take a shot
  24. at it but accidentally you end up including an awkward
  25. word. Oops. We will write a short Python program that detects curse
  26. words and saves you from embarrassing moments in the future. The final project
  27. is project movie databases. In this project we will learn how to make an awesome
  28. webpage, that lists your favorite movies, and shows their trailers. [SOUND]
  29. [MUSIC]