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  1. Brothers and sisters,
  2. we've come here to meet
    with the living God.
  3. The One who is your Savior, your Lord,
  4. the Lover of your soul.
  5. He's loved you from all of eternity.
  6. The One who began your salvation
  7. back in eternity, if you will,
  8. who foreknew you; will glorify you.
  9. And without faith it is impossible
  10. to please Him,
  11. for he who comes to God
  12. must believe that He is,
  13. and that He is a rewarder of those
  14. who seek Him.
  15. We come to Him by faith.
  16. We come looking to Him; trusting Him.
  17. Our eyes are on Him.
  18. Who has He revealed Himself to?
  19. Who are you coming to here?
  20. To meet with?
  21. The living God.
  22. The Omniscient One.
  23. The All-Powerful One.
  24. The One who owns the cattle
    on a thousand hills.
  25. The One who all things are open
    and laid bare before Him.
  26. The One who knows your every need;
  27. who has every hair of your head numbered.
  28. When you come to Him to ask for a fish,
  29. here in a moment,
  30. He's not going to give you
  31. something that you don't want - a snake.
  32. When you come and ask Him for an egg,
  33. He's not going to trick you
  34. and give you a scorpion -
    something that will hurt you.
  35. Your Father is a good Father.
  36. Your Savior, your Lord on the cross
  37. bought all the benefits that allows you
  38. right now to come into the presence,
  39. and be seen by your Heavenly Father
  40. holy and blameless and
    without any reproach.
  41. And He is a rewarder
  42. of those who seek Him.
  43. So, when you come to the Lord,
  44. expect He's not only going to hear you
  45. and meet with you,
  46. but there is reward there.
  47. And there's reward beyond what you
  48. can grasp with your hand.
  49. It's things that will be granted by grace
  50. to perceive with your heart and your mind.
  51. To be enriched as an heir of God
  52. and a fellow heir with Christ.
  53. So remember a couple little exhortations
  54. from Luke 11, for instance.
  55. Remember this One who you come to
  56. is like the friend at midnight.
  57. You come desperate.
  58. You come at a very importune moment.
  59. And yet, He's willing to give to you
  60. because you persist.
  61. You won't let go of this God.
  62. What you need, you don't come,
  63. with a quiet, little voice:
    "May I please have...?"
  64. There's a sense of boldness
  65. as you come before His throne of grace.
  66. Remember the widow who needed help
  67. and she came to the unjust judge.
  68. She would not leave that judge alone.
  69. He finally gave in.
  70. How much more your Heavenly Father
  71. willingly gives in.
  72. And then lastly,
  73. remember a few words
  74. from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  75. out of John 14.
  76. "Whatever you ask in My name,
  77. that will I do, so that the Father
  78. may be glorified in the Son.
  79. If you ask Me anything in My name,
  80. I will do it.
  81. If you abide in Me, and
    My words abide in you,
  82. ask whatever you wish,
  83. and it will be done for you.
  84. In that day, you will not
    question Me about anything.
  85. Truly, truly, I say to you,
  86. if you ask the Father for
    anything in My name,
  87. He will give it to you.
  88. Until now, you have asked
    for nothing in My name.
  89. Ask and you will receive,
  90. so that your joy may be made full."
  91. Don't forget that last part.
  92. So that your joy may be made full.
  93. Amen.