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  1. Many argue that this campaign gave birth to
  2. modern demand advertising. The objective here was not demand
  3. generation nor branch strengthening. But simply to impress the
  4. glamor, the sentiment and the emotional charge contained in
  5. the product, itself. The company gave diamonds to
  6. movie stars. They sent out press packets emphasizing the
  7. size of diamonds that celebrities gave each other. They
  8. loaned diamonds to prominent socialites attending events like the
  9. Kentucky Derby or the Academy Awards. And even persuaded the
  10. British royal family to wear diamonds over other gems. Later,
  11. De Beers sought to market diamond rings to couples as
  12. a status symbol. To reflect quote, a man's success in life.
  13. A 1980's add introduced the famous two month bench
  14. mark. Isn't two months salary a small price to pay
  15. for something that lasts forever? By any reasonable measure, Francis
  16. Geary succeeded. Getting engaged in America means getting a diamond
  17. ring. Can you think of a movie where two people
  18. get engaged with out a diamond? When you get engaged
  19. on Facebook, what icon does the site display? Still think
  20. this might not be the most successful mass persuasion effort
  21. in history? I present to you a James Bond film. Whose title bears
  22. the diamond cartel's trademark. Awe-inspiring and a
  23. little terrifying. Let's open the data set.