The Loud Hands Project

The Loud Hands Project

The Loud Hands Project is a publishing effort by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. Currently, we are raising money towards the creation of our first and foundational anthology (Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking) and accompanying website.

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"The Loud Hands Project"

"Autistic People, Speaking"

Music plays.

A person sips coffee hurriedly, while across from them someone is staring out the window.

Outside, a car goes past. Back inside, the person turns to their hands which busily use some necklaces between their fingers. The person doesn't maintain eye contact with their hands, sometimes glancing back at cars driving, while the hands continue movement and use.

Spread before the coffee drinker are papers- check sheets, assessments, and reports. The assesser or provider notices the person across from them using the necklaces and take them, holding them away while taking notes. The other person, now with nothing for their hands to use, stares off to the side and down, bobbing slightly.

The same person who had been using the necklaces is on a computer, and opens some video files. . . Various people hold up signs-

"You're okay."

"My Brain is Beautiful."

"My silence is not an absence."

"talk with your hands." (hands making movements are drawn below this one.)

A person taps thier pointer fingers against a table.

"Autistic and BADASS."

"I can talk without my voice."

"My brain is beautiful."

The screen fades back to the room with the assessor. A different person sits across from the assessor, watching their hands on the table tapping while the assessor reviews assessment data. The assessor writes down goals and other aspects of a treatment plan: visual schedule; occupational therapy; sensory diet; Social skills group; peer modeling; video modeling. Goals is underlined below this.

The person across the table continues to play with their hands against the table. The assessor taps their pen, then slaps their hands on the table near the other person's. When their eyes return to their hands, the assessor breaks into their gaze, gesturing towards their own eyes- "eye contact! Look at me!" - and then grabbing the person face to tilt it up, forcing eye contact physically.

Clips of various people holding signs:

"I am a student." and "I am an activist."

"I am a filmmaker."

"I am a musician"

"I am a writer."

"I am an adult" and "I am a registered voter."

"I am a Biologist."

"I am a Teacher"

Two people gather around a laptop to play more video files.

"Talk with your hands." is written quickly.

"I know my brain better than anyone else."

"I am Autistic and I can speak for myself."

"Disability is a NATURAL part of the HUMAN Experience." Is written on a large whiteboard.

"My parents wanted a normal kid."

"people hurt me."

"I was ignored."

"I was bullied."

"They called me RETARDED."

"They held my hands down."


"My parents wished I'd never been born."

"They never stopped trying to fix me"

"They said I was broken."

Someone's knees jiggle rapidly while they sit.

"It's my turn!"

"It's my turn."

"It's my turn."

A person, eyes closed, move their fingers in a pattern near their temples joyfully.


"It's my turn."

Someone pulls on their own hands rapidly.

"It's my turn."

"Listen to me."

The person who was forced to make eye contact rests their head on their arms, fingers waggling, and looks to the side. Then they look up directly at the camera, making contact on their own terms.

"I am proud of my Autism."

"The Loud Hands Project"

"Autistic People, Speaking."

"We're okay."

"We're OK."


"The Loud Hands Project."

"My existence is rich and meaningful."

"Autistic People, Speaking"

Various clips of Autistics, being Autistic while building Autistic community together- laughing, stimming, standing, sitting, and laying down.

"The Loud Hands Project."

"Autistic People, Speaking."

A shot of someone running into the frame towards their camera bouncily.


The Loud Hands Project
Autistic People, Speaking.

A project of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network

An Alternative Assessment Production

With Thanks To:

Everyone who emailed Julia videos

Vassar people

Tech support

and Peter and Emily.

King of Anything (Sara Bareilles cover) feat. Meghan Tonjes
Music used under Creative Commons License

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