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  1. The goal of working with a model computer instead of a real computer is that
  2. we want to have a machine, which is as easy as possible
  3. but still let us capture the main aspects of a real computer.
  4. And the reason why you want to have a simple computer is that a real computer contains
  5. lots of parts that are not really interesting when we want to analyze an algorithm
  6. and also you might have different computers that run at different speeds
  7. but actually that doesn't really say something about your algorithm.
  8. In the next year, when the faster computer model comes along,
  9. you can already run your algorithm a bit faster but that doesn't really say
  10. that your algorithm has become better.
  11. So our goal here is to strip down a computer that you used to to a model that is as simple as possible
  12. but still has basically the same capabilities as a real computer.
  13. So we will do this as a quiz and what I want you to think about is what are the essential components
  14. for having a minimal computer model.
  15. And what I mean by essential is that the computer must still be able to solve problems
  16. to perform any computation that this machine here could but also not anymore.
  17. So what I would like you do is to check off each of those boxes
  18. if you think that this component of a computer is essential to keep in a computer model.
  19. So do you need a memory to store your results in?
  20. Do you need a graphics card? Some sort of input and output?
  21. Do you need a mouse? Do you need a monitor? Some sort of file system?
  22. An operating system? Programming capabilities? Or a CD-ROM?
  23. And keep in mind that we are looking for a model that is as simple as possible.