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03-03 Compare and Contrast Text Fields

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  1. Before we look at the code in
    the delegate, let's think about what
  2. methods we need to achieve
    the behavior in our text fields.
  3. To access the text field project and
    many other projects throughout the rest
  4. of course, we're going to
    use a repository in GitHub.
  5. First, you'll need to
    go to your terminal and
  6. clone the GitHub repository for
    the course.
  7. Next you'll need to check out
    the branch for this part of the lesson.
  8. You'll need two things from
    the instructors notes, the clone url and
  9. the branch name for
    this part of the lesson.
  10. And if you run into trouble, you can
    also find a link to Udacity's course on
  11. version control, which will tell you
    everything you need to know about Git.
  12. Again, note that the instructions
    you need, the clone URL, and
  13. the branch name are all in
    the instructor's notes.
  14. Once you're on the correct branch,
  15. go ahead and open up the TextFields
    project, and run it.
  16. Type into all three fields,
    and watch for similarities and
  17. differences in the behavior
    of the three views.
  18. Also, if you need to dismiss
    the simulator keyboard,
  19. you can do that in the hardware menu.
  20. Go to Hardware, Keyboard, and
    then toggle Software Keyboard.
  21. You can also use the shortcut Cmd+K.
  22. When you've picked out some
    commonalities across the TextFields,
  23. answer the quiz question.
  24. Compare and contrast the following
    features of the three TextFields.
  25. Presenting the keyboard, response to new
    characters being typed, rounded corners,
  26. reaction to the return button,
    and behavior when editing begins.
  27. Mark features that differ
    between the three with a check.