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politieke chaos

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    Look, I hardly ever talk about Belgian politics. I know talking about politics during a family get together
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    totally ruins the mood. But today, today I'd really like to say something about Belgian politics. Because
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    I don't get it anymore. Look, Johan Vande Lanotte worked on his note for two months, two whole months. The chairmen of all parties
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    had the chance to visit with him and say: We want this; we don't want that; we are very much for this, but that is not acceptable
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    to us. Van de Lanotte writes all of this down, yeah? And he summarizes it in this one government note.
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    So how is it possible that when he hands the note out to the same people who provided him with the info
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    in the first place, they all suddenly say: "Gosh, Johan, you left this bit out while we really wanted
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    it and you put that bit in, but we really don't like it." Why then didn't you mention that when you
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    were over at Johan's drinking your cup of coffee? This morning I heard Rik Torfs on the radio. Have you
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    heard, Rik Torfs? And Rik Torfs said: "Yes, we ought to take it slow and think about how best to start.
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    Excuse me? Excuse me? Take it slow and think about how to start? Have those people no shame? We've been
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    going at this for two months, Rik! How best to start!? If your plumber tells you this, because you called
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    him to fix a broken shower, and first he doesn't do anything for two hundred days but still he asks you money for it
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    and then he tells you you should take it slow and think about how best to start, you would sue him,
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    wouldn't you? I wonder if that isn't an option. Could there be a law somewhere that says our members
  • 1:49 - 1:56
    of parliament are obligated to form a government? Couldn't we force the issue by having a judge making them pay a fine
  • 1:56 - 2:02
    of a million euros a day, per day there isn't a government yet? One million per Belgian. Rik Torfs would
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    come hand it to your personally. Or the postman, together with your cash pension payment. Those people
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    have been elected, haven't they? They applied for the job, didn't they? Well, you've got the job, now
  • 2:12 - 2:22
    start doing it, please! I understand there are serious concerns about the Flemish Movement and that there
  • 2:22 - 2:26
    are Flemish demands that need to be met, all that's very well, but
  • 2:26 - 2:34
    this morning I heard, did anyone else hear, I heard on the radio that the current issue is the responsibility
  • 2:34 - 2:40
    for the access to and the exits of the ringway around Brussels. Because this ringway is in Flanders,
  • 2:40 - 2:46
    actually, haha! So who is responsible for the access and exits? It couldn't be Brussels, could it? No,
  • 2:46 - 2:52
    it has to be Flanders! Do I understand this correctly, that these people put an entire country on hold
  • 2:52 - 3:00
    because there is an argument about some stupid exit from a road? Thou shalt exit on the Flemish side
  • 3:00 - 3:09
    or thou shalt not? I really can't understand this. Do these people still live in the actual world? Do they even know what they're doing?
  • 3:09 - 3:15
    The next thing will be the viaduct of Vilvoorde. This thing is over Vilvoorde indeed, but has anyone ever
  • 3:15 - 3:21
    measured how high it actually is? Because maybe it's too high to be considered to be on Flemish land,
  • 3:21 - 3:26
    and maybe it's actually hanging in Belgian air space, and then the federation would be responsible! Really,
  • 3:26 - 3:31
    that's the next thing we're going to think about and take it slow; slow, huh Rikky, so you don't hurt yourself,
  • 3:31 - 3:40
    we're going to take it slow about how to take the first step. Honestly! People, there's only one solution, only one. We
  • 3:40 - 3:49
    have to get out there. In every banana republic, in every corrupt country people start protests. And here,
  • 3:49 - 3:56
    we just sit back on our couches, watching it all and think: let's think about this, nice and calm. We need to get out there. We haven't been a proper country for a while
  • 3:56 - 4:02
    now, so why not do as those banana republics do? Just grab some Walloon by the hand, drag him out on
  • 4:02 - 4:10
    the street with you and start demonstrating until we have a government! There, I needed to get that out.
  • 4:10 - 4:19
    Phew, that helped. I was planning on a jog in the park, but it's raining, but I think I've just burned more calories than I would have running for an hour.
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    Thank you.
politieke chaos
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