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  1. So thanks, Lauren. You know, there a classic study in psychology that has to do
  2. with availability heuristic. And it revolves around the question you were just
  3. asked. Which is, are we more likely to die in airplanes or automobiles? And
  4. when people are asked this, they tend to overestimate the likelihood of dying
  5. in an airplane. And in fact, the statistics show just the opposite. We're much
  6. more likely to die in an automobile. For instance, in the US about 30,000
  7. people a year will die in automobile crashes, and only about a hundred or so
  8. will die in plane crashes. So in fact, planes are much safer than automobiles.
  9. So, even though we know these numbers, we're still more afraid of flying than
  10. driving. Why is that? Well, as it turns out, there's a thing called vividness.
  11. And vividness is related to availability and accessibility. So, when we hear
  12. about a plane crash, it's horrific. A lot of people die all at once, and that
  13. makes it very vivid in our minds, very accessible, very available. So, when we
  14. think about flying versus driving, we're more likely to think of dying in a
  15. plain crash, because it's a vivid event and that's availability.