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  1. We've talked about potential places
    where your app can really shine and
  2. where it can really fail.
  3. Being on the development team of an app
    can lead to a certain type of blindness.
  4. You know the app so
  5. well that you naturally miss some of the
    pain points a new user might run into.
  6. This is where bringing in external
    feedback can be extremely helpful.
  7. As soon as you publish your app, or even
    beforehand, when showing it to testers,
  8. you get a flood of advice.
  9. This feedback can be a great
    source of new perspectives and
  10. give you insight into exactly how
    people are using your app, or
  11. even better,
    how they want to use your app.
  12. Having a large,
  13. diverse set of users can be one of
    the keys to building a successful app.
  14. Remember, that while feedback from
    others who have built Android
  15. apps can be helpful, it shouldn't
    be your only source of feedback.