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  1. When you are translating subtitles,
  2. you can view the reference
    language on the left,
  3. and type your translation
    into the middle panel.
  4. Notice that you translation will
    automatically have timing information,
  5. and all you will need to do is translate
    the blank spaces in the middle,
  6. that match with the reference
    subtitles on the left.
  7. When you are done translating
    each line of the reference language,
  8. move on to the next step
    by clicking "Yes, translate the title".
  9. Then you can move onto
    syncing your translation.
  10. You can customize your timing to
    make it match the video perfectly,
  11. by clicking and dragging
    subtitles on the timeline,
  12. or using the Up and Down Arrows
    on your keyboard.
  13. You can also click the "+" icon
  14. to create a new line
    between two existing lines.
  15. This works great for when you may need
    to include relevant on-screen text,
  16. or any audio that may have been missed.
  17. If you need to re-match the reference
    language and your translation
  18. You can do so by clicking the Lock icon,
    re-scrolling your translation to fit,
  19. and then clicking the lock icon
    again to scroll them together.
  20. When you are done adjusting the sync,
  21. click "Start Reviewing" to make sure
    everything looks just right.
  22. Once you've finished with the review,
  23. hit the "Complete" button
    to submit your subtitles.