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  1. [Piano Music]
    Your husband had told me
  2. you were the most beautiful
    woman that he'd ever met.
  3. I didn't expect the most
    beautiful woman I'd ever met.
  4. "Dismiss your vows,
    your feigned tears, your flattery,
  5. for where a heart is hard
    they make no battery."
  6. "Whoever loved that
    loved not at first sight?"
  7. Now, you didn't ask me here to pick me up.
  8. You could be disbarred for that.
  9. Maybe I'm reckless.
  10. What was your performance
    about this afternoon?
  11. [Miles] What did your lawyer say?
  12. Oh, Freddy thinks you're a buffoon.
  13. He says you've been too successful,
  14. you're bored, complacent,
    and you're on your way down.
  15. - But you don't think so.
    - [Marilyn] How do you know?
  16. - Why would you be here?
    - [Marilyn] Why did you ask me?
  17. - [Miles] Can't I be curious?
    - About what?
  18. - Do you ever answer questions?
    - Do you?
  19. [Unfolded paper]
  20. I'll have the tournedos of beef.
    The lady will have the same. Thank you.
  21. - [Server] Thank you, sir.
  22. I assume you're a carnivore.
  23. [Chuckles]
    Oh, Mr. Massey,
  24. you have no idea.
  25. Miles, please.
  26. Tell me more about yourself.
  27. All right, Miles.
  28. [Inhales] Let me tell you
    everything that you need to know.
  29. You may think you're tough,
    but I eat men like you for breakfast.
  30. I've invested five good years
    in my marriage to Rex,
  31. and I've nailed his ass
    fair and square.
  32. Now I'm going to have it
    stuffed, mounted...
  33. and have my lady friends come over
    and throw darts at it.
  34. Man-hater, huh?
  35. [Sigh]
  36. People don't go on safaris
    'cause they hate animals.
  37. [Miles] So it's just for the hunt,
    with the trophy at the end.
  38. No.
  39. Nothing so frivolous.
  40. This divorce means money.
  41. Money means independence.
  42. That's what I'm after.
  43. What are you after, Miles?
  44. Well, I'm a lot like you.
  45. Just looking for an ass to mount.