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  1. What makes good notification?
  2. >> That's a great question.
  3. So a lot of times when I teach people
    about the hook model, they say, okay,
  4. I get the trigger phase,
    we need to prompt people to action, but
  5. how do we make sure that
    we don't spam people?
  6. How do we know we're not sending them
    too many of these triggers that they
  7. become ineffective?
  8. And there's a secret here.
  9. The secret is that we have to
    closely couple the external trigger,
  10. the notification,
  11. the message that tells the user what
    to do with the internal trigger.
  12. The internal trigger is this situation,
    the emotion, the routine,
  13. the place, whatever it is that prompts
    the user to act on their own accord.
  14. So the closer we can couple
    these two things, right?
  15. The closer we can couple
    the notification with the sensation or
  16. the urge of this is
    what I need in my day.
  17. That's magic.
  18. That's the difference between magic and
    SPAM, is context.
  19. So that's the key.
  20. If you can closely couple those two,
    and that, of course,
  21. starts with an examination, doing a bit
    of a narrative on your user to figure
  22. out when are they most likely to need
    this product throughout their day.
  23. So don't just willy-nilly send
    them notifications all day long.
  24. But couple those
    notifications with a time and
  25. place when your user is most likely
    to actually need the solution.
  26. >> So there's a delightful moment and
    you couple it with authentication.
  27. >> Right.
    Well it's a moment when
  28. the user has this need.
  29. So for example, let's say I'm building
    an app that plays music, right?
  30. A music service or
    a news service, right?
  31. A great time to couple that need
    is when I had the existing habit
  32. of turning on my radio.
  33. >> Right.
  34. >> So if you could use geolocation or
    other data or time of day data, or
  35. appointment calendar information,
    something that the user can tell you
  36. about how they behave day to day, so
    that you can appropriately target that
  37. trigger at the moment in time
    where it feels like magic.
  38. Wow, I was just about
    to turn on my radio,
  39. I think I'll use this app instead.