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Having a cat isn't that easy …

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  1. My cat and I get along great, I never regret adopting him.

  2. FALSE!
    Having a cat
  3. I bought a cat leash.
  4. But I don't understand why this exists, seeing as he refuses to be walked.
  5. It looks like I'm walking his dead body.
  6. I've found a solution
  7. My cat has this thing he likes to do:
  8. meowing almost four million two times per day for no reason
  9. But when I leave in a hurry and call him to make sure he's there …
  10. he's smart enough to not meow at all. What an idiot!
  11. Sergie?
  12. I'm done looking!
  13. [I don't give a damn]
  14. Anyway, I'm not able to properly train my cat.
  15. Every time he does something wrong, I try to scold him …
  16. but he looks so cute, and I give him a bunch of kisses, which confuses him.
  17. - Why did you steal my ham?
  18. - What's he saying? I don't understand, is it good or bad?
  19. Cats have a way of thinking that can't be understood.
  20. For example, I bought him an expensive cat toy. Cutting edge.
  21. But he plays with it for barely a second.
  22. However, he found this piece of plastic, and for him it's the greatest thing in the world. It's really quite funny.
  23. When you own a cat and have guests over, you quickly see who is used to having a cat and who isn't.
  24. Look! The cat is stepping on me.
  25. He's extending his claws! He's scratching me!
  26. He's shedding. I was allergic to cats when I was little.
  27. He's hitting me!
    My family had a hamster once.
  28. I've wondered, if I come home one day …
  29. and find my cat dead, what do I do with the body?
  30. Where do I put it?
  31. The practical thing about cats is that they wake you up in the morning
  32. but at the worst hours
  33. - Why did you wake me up? It's 8 o'clock!
  34. - I'm sorry, I don't have a brain!
  35. Anyway, besides these tiny problems, having a cat is wonderful
  36. I give my cat so much love, and he tries to return the favor
  37. - Want to go for a walk?
  38. - Bastard!
  39. A little while ago, the Normanfaitdesvidéos app came out …
  40. for phones … cellular phones.
    A lot of people have already downloaded it and voted, thanks!
  41. Some people have asked me what it's for.
  42. It's for getting my newest videos and watching about my old ones
  43. I can also send you little messages that I write myself, with my little fingers.
  44. There's a sandbox with lots of funny sounds for making jokes with your friends
  45. There are lots of little jokes hidden in the app, which I like a lot. And it's completely free.
  46. See you later!