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  1. Well, this was an easy one. No problems.
  2. I don't want to only be able to tell time at night under special instances
  3. when the moons are passing behind the planet.
  4. Furthermore, telescopes are going to be almost impossible to use on the ship
  5. as it bounces around on our waist.
  6. This is going to wind up being the biggest problem, that telescopes are so hard to use on a ship.
  7. So Galileo actually invented something that he thought would help adjust this problem.
  8. What he invented was this ridiculous contraption called the celatone which you can see here
  9. in the black and red and it's basically just a helmet where one eye had the telescope over it
  10. and the other eye was just an open hole, and the idea was you could sight and find the idea
  11. for where Jupiter was through this hole and then what he's doing then in focus
  12. and watch the transit of the moons through the telescope.
  13. As you can maybe imagine this didn't work so well.