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  2. Do you ever speak to a young Christian and say:
  3. "Do you want to know what Christianity is like?
  4. Watch me."
  5. Do you ever say that?
  6. After all, the apostle Paul can say:
  7. "Be imitators of me, even as I also am of Christ."
  8. For all of us do follow people
  9. whether we like it or not
  10. consciously or unconsciously we do
  11. There are all kinds of things that are learned
  12. as much by example as by word.
  13. Isn't that why we pray and work to train up Christian parents?
  14. It's not just what the parents say, its what they do:
  15. "Watch me!"
  16. So if you're looking around for a good senior mentor,
  17. then always ask some fundamental questions.
  18. Don't just simply say: oh that person seems to be making a great go at it.
  19. Wonderful succes, just love that personnality, would like to be like that!
  20. Instead ask some fundamental questions.
  21. "You know all about my teaching"
  22. Does he follow apostolic teaching?
  23. How about way of life?
  24. Purpose? Faith? Patience? Love? Endurance? Sufferings!?
  25. Choose your mentors and then hold the right mentors in high regard.
  26. So in a world where there are so many false ideas or deceptive ideas
  27. or selfish ideas, or anti-God ideas
  28. what do you do to get orientated towards God himself?
  29. Well you go to his word.
  30. You hold on to the Bible.
  31. You're not what you think you are.
  32. But what you think… you are.
  33. So you need to think God's thoughts after him. Isn't that what Paul says?
  34. "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your… mind."
  35. That means that you must hold on to the Bible.
  36. Not as a magic book, but as a book that teaches you how to think, what to think.
  37. There is this teaching ministry, whether in our home or in small-groups, or with
  38. our children, or one-on-one with a neighbour,
  39. or around the coffee machine at work.
  40. And then evangelistic Bible-studies and adult Bible Classes.
  41. Whatever, constantly constantly teaching, preaching the word of God.
  42. How else shall we respond to this world that is
  43. going off on its own and other directions?
  44. How else shall we prevail in the last days?
  45. We hold out the word to others.
  46. Partager la vie
  47. Ouvrir la Parole
  48. Impacter les générations
  49. « Regarde-moi! »
  50. Avec la voix de Don Carson.