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  1. And the classic example here is the Rorschach ink blot test, which you see
  2. here, which is simply symmetrical ink blots. And, the job for the person is
  3. just to look at that and tell the psychologist what he or she sees in that ink
  4. blot.
  5. >> And after doing this for about 10-12 ink blots, a licensed psychologist can
  6. interpret the results. They look for unconscious patterns, in the themes, that
  7. a person gives them. For example, they might have a hostile, and agressive
  8. theme, or a sexual theme, in all the ink blots.
  9. >> That's right. For example, a person who is depressed may see self destrucive,
  10. or perhaps sad images. A person who is anxious may see something that causes
  11. them excessive worry, or even fright.
  12. >> The problem with scoring projective tests, however, is that you need to find a
  13. valid and reliable way to interpret the results.
  14. >> That's right. And so for reliable, we would have to have multiple judges giving
  15. the same responses across time.
  16. >> And for validity, say a psychologist found somebody with a hostile theme to
  17. their interpretations of the ink blot. They would have to have external
  18. evidence, from friends, or family, or peers to confirm their hostility.