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  1. Since we know our equation is written in the form y equals mx plus b, cost of
  2. new machinery must be this b. In other words, cost of new machinery is the
  3. y-coordinate of the y-intercept of this line. I am just going to make that
  4. variable replacement right now, and just replace cost of machinery with b. So,
  5. this equation looks pretty good. But can we go any further? Think about what we
  6. are trying to find. We want to find out how much Grant should spend on nozzle
  7. machinery. Keeping in mind what it is we are trying to find out, do we have
  8. enough information to go further with this problem, and calculate that quantity?
  9. In other words, do we have enough information to come up with a number that is
  10. equal to the amount that Grant should spend on nozzle machinery? Please tell me
  11. yes or no.