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  1. Welcome to homework assignment #4 in CS373.
  2. To remind you, we covered A-star and dynamic programming in class.
  3. Let's start with an A-star question.
  4. We learned in class that we can use heuristics,
  5. and a heuristic is a admissible if the heuristic value is no larger
  6. than the actual cost it takes to get to the goal.
  7. In a maze, we know that the number of steps in the maze is a good heuristic,
  8. because obstacles will make the path only longer, not shorter.
  9. Consider a maze of size 3 x 3 and say there's a single goal state,
  10. and the cost of moving is 1.
  11. Is the function shown here admissible or not?
  12. Please check one of the two radio buttons.