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  1. The next is channels. How does your product over here get to your customers over here?
  2. We use distribution channels to do that.
  3. Now what's really interesting is pre-1990s,
  4. the only channels to get to a customer was at physical channel.
  5. That is you went to a store, you have sales people, there was physical distribution,
  6. but since the mid 1990s in the last couple of decades, we now have virtual channels.
  7. The web, mobile, cloud and so at distribution channel, the first question you want to ask is,
  8. how will I be selling and how will I be distributing my products.
  9. Are they through physical channels or the web mobile or given today
  10. almost every physical channel also has web presence.
  11. What is the relationship of how your product gets from your company to the customers?