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  1. Next up, you're going to need
    to create a new project and
  2. configure it to use
    the Services libraries.
  3. Now you've seen how to do
    this in the intro, and
  4. several times in this course,
    but here are the steps again.
  5. First you should create a new single
    activity app in Android Studio.
  6. When you create that app,
  7. make sure that you use the same name
    as you specified in the console.
  8. Remember when we had
    the com.audacity for
  9. a sign in name,
    you want to do the same thing.
  10. Then you're going to want to configure
    Build.gradle to use the Services
  11. libraries, and
  12. configure Android.manifest to
    uses the Services libraries too.
  13. And then finally, you need to
    configure Android.manifest for
  14. the following permissions,
  15. android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS and
  16. Do all of this before continuing.