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  1. There are many ways to move a camera through a scene. We can walk or fly. We
  2. can look one direction while moving another and so on. Here we're moving a bit
  3. sideways and a bit forward while looking forward. I usually think of the camera
  4. as being in one of two modes, viewer-centric or model-centric. When things are
  5. viewer-centric the viewer is moving around through the world. When
  6. model-centric, a particular object in a world is being studied and the viewers
  7. goal is to see this object from different angles. In this mode we keep the
  8. camera focused on a location as we move. The place where we look is called the
  9. Target in 3JS. And in other systems. Note that this Target location is not at
  10. all necessary in making the various matrices need for viewing the scene. The
  11. target is much more related to user intent. Because the target is such a useful
  12. concept, many, but not all, camera control systems support the idea of a target
  13. in some way. To set the target we use the camera control's target parameter.
  14. We've set this parameter before. It provides the point that our camera is
  15. looking at, so setting the view matrix. By setting the target in the camera
  16. controls, you not only set the camera's view transform, you keep the camera
  17. pointed at this location when you orbit. If the object is moving, you can
  18. update the target each frame, and the camera will stay trained on it.