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  1. [Narrator] So, what I would like you to do next is to modify our algorithm
  2. to take the lists of particles and importance weights
  3. to sample N times with replacement and new particles
  4. with a sampling probability proportional to the importance weights,
  5. or in the code now that we calculated our new particles
  6. and the corresponding importance weights, construct a new particle set P3,
  7. which we will call P, again, when everything is said and done,
  8. so that the particles in P3 are drawn from P according to the importance weights W.
  9. Now to warn you this is more difficult than it looks like.
  10. I'm going to show you a trick in a second, so if you fail to do this don't worry.
  11. I give you a chance to do it right now, but then I'm going to tell you
  12. a little bit more about how to organize this
  13. in an efficient way and you get a second chance.
  14. So, try it out, see if you can do it, and if you fail
  15. look for my advice and then try it again.