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102nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop Feb 25 2016

102nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop February 25th 2016

Topic: Spaceship Development

Content Summary and Timing:

00:01:36 Peace Video,
00:05:50 Dubai conference promotion Video
00:07:24 Intro by Rick Crammond
00:08:09 Spaceship development from this day forward, access to teachings for 100 Euros, choosing languages, security checks, teaching children
00:18:44 Different languages and teaching... be a teacher
00:20:18 Opening of the Keshe Foundation hospital, looking for doctors, Pain Pens and Pain Pad deliveries
00:29:26 Chinese Keshe Foundation has been established as a company in China, conference coming up in China, transfer full knowledge of space defence to China’s military for the peace process
00:41:31 Three star formations in different parts of the world
00:46:40 Ali’s picture of the star formation and explanation of the star formation presentation (continues on and off throughout the workshop)
01:06:36 Teachings in Africa pictures
01:10:41 Ali’s continuation of the star formation presentation, using GANS, coils rotate when connected
01:23:50 Keshe shares drawing on spaceship travel in this presentation
01:32:52 Innovation centre video of star formation, feeling the fields
01:48:09 Ali’s continuation with pictures, GANS applications, measurements, sacred cubit length
02:02:10 Video sharing from Japan, a device to measure the magnetic fields
2:28:39 Another video on the star stacker formation
02:52:32 Ali’s continuation, CO2,CH3, GANS
03:06:13 Picture of a reactor with orange balls, explanation in how it’s put together
3:22:40 Ali’s continuation, Bismuth, space travel, Element 115
3:54:10 Drawing by Keshe, hydrogen and oxygen
04:02:48 Atomic mass and weight, bismuth, element 115, periodic table, producing gold, creating any element. Questions: How to make a plasma battery and the connections of the coils
04:38:34 Star formation drawing, Keshe explains changes needed. If people understand the technology, get in touch with the Keshe Foundation webmaster to do illustrations for a book, teaching information on the web site, security check, China teaching lectures, cosmic radiation, African news.
05:03:04 Questions: How do we get the cheap airfare? Using Bit coin? Processing fees?
05:14:18 Announcement: A question, answer period for the students who did not have access to question and answer time for the one-year program, they have access to question and answer time now with some of the other teachers. Teachers are invited to attend, it’s a special private teaching for the one-year course
05:18:22 Enroll in lessons, booking for China and Dubai, place orders for pens and pads, opening the first Keshe Foundation hospital, looking for doctors with alternative medicine background
05:23:47 Promotional Videos
05:29:41 End


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